A Penny For Your Thoughts

Five months ago I made the only move I could. At 90 years of age, my grandfather’s health was diminishing rapidly following his second back surgery. So, I packed up my life (for quite literally the 400th time in my adult life) and moved in with him to be his full time carer.


My decision was not made lightly; I know very well this isn’t going to be easy and not everyone was supportive of my choice. Still, the gratefulness on my grandfather’s face the day I moved in washed away any doubts I may have had.


I am at the age where most of my peer’s grandparents are in the same situation of requiring full or part time care. Could I give you the name of someone else around my age doing the same thing for thier grandparents? *crickets chirping..tumble weed blowing by*


Ok yes, Italians do tend to look after their elderly well, but the look on some people’s faces when I tell them that I would choose to give so much of my time for this 90 year old man who is grumpier more often than he is happy and who hasn’t used the words please and thank-you since my grandmother passed in 1993, on top of running three businesses, has made me go check in the mirror for snakes growing out of my hair or horns sprouting from my forehead.


This choice, for me, was the only one I could make and still sleep at night. It’s the reason why the elderly are treated like gold in all my salons. They deserve our kindness, patience, and respect. They are our modern historians, our wealth of knowledge, and the back bone of our country. They are where we came from and where we are going to.


I know a common sentiment, regrettably, in the hairdressing industry is that doing “little old lady sets” are waste of time and are not profitable. Which is just a rubbish thing to think. They are an opportunity to connect with someone who has seen and experienced far more than ourselves, to learn, and make someone smile who has probably been yearning for some human contact in their later years. I do their hair and make them feel gorgeous, and I see a glimpse of the young woman they once were. They walk out feeling confident and remembering that they are still glamourous and worthy of respect.


For me, I’m in this industry to make people happy and remind them to love themselves, which is something the business woman in me will never lose sight of.




  • Teresa says:

    Jennie you are wonderful for taking care of your nonno. You are an angel! You are the bright light shining in your nonno’s eyes. I’m sure if he doesn’t say it to you he would be thinking how eternally grateful he is to have a sweet caring beautiful granddaughter like you to take care of him. God bless you and your nonno and also your supportive partner Andrew. Xx

  • Sannycip says:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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